Where do I start?

If you've made it this far, welcome!

This blog is going to be home to all of the extra information, ideas and inspiration to make you really get the most from my patterns and your sewing in general. I've been a costume maker for several years and that's left me with a skillset unlike a lot of other pattern designers (as a quick example, I once had to make a mermaid shell bra out of a plastic shower curtain) so I'm hoping I can give you some extra tips and ways of looking at things that maybe you won't have come across.

I really want everyone to be able to use these patterns to make clothes that they love, that they feel comfortable in and excited to wear. So as well as all of the information in the actual patterns I'm going to be adding video tutorials and step by steps of some gorgeous hacks. Plus I can never resist sharing my testers and customers makes, I feel super proud that I've helped all of these amazing makes to happen.

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