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Mash-up Pattern - the Frankley

As far as I'm concerned, a pinafore is for all seasons but autumn is when it really shines. So now that I have a Franklin in brown herringbone wool tweed (John Lewis, no longer stocked) and one in blue corduroy (Organic Textile Company) cut out ready for filming a sew along, I figured I'd better mix it up.

So, the Frankley was born. I've used pieces from both the Hadley dress and Franklin pinafore to create a gorgeous mash-up complete with the usual huge pockets and adjustability of both patterns. Here's how I did it...

Pieces to cut -

Franklin pieces: C (centre front - 1 x outer fabric, 1 x lining)

D (side front - 1 x outer, 1 x lining)

I & J (waistband pieces - 1 each x outer, 1 each x lining)

Strips for strap pieces as per pattern -

measure from your back waist over your shoulder to where you want the strap to finish to find length

Hadley pieces: A (skirt front - 1 x outer)

B (skirt back - 1 x outer) use lines for View 2

C (pocket front - 1 x outer OR lining)

D (pocket back, 1 x outer)

Elastic for back waistband as per instructions.

How to Construct -

  • Make up the front top section of the Franklin pinafore as per the instructions, remembering to insert the front straps.

  • Make up the waistband inner and outer and the long straps according to the Franklin instructions.

  • Decide where you want the back straps to begin on the waistband and if you want them to cross. I've done mine so that they each start around 4" from the centre back and slightly tilted inwards so that they cross. Remember that they will be closer together than this because of the elastic.

  • Sew together the top edge of the waistband outer and lining - sandwich the top front section centrally at the front and sandwich the back straps in the positions you have decided.

  • Make the Hadley skirt and pockets as per the instructions. Hem the skirt.

  • Add two rows of gathers to the top of the Hadley skirt.

  • Gather the Hadley skirt onto the outer waistband only, matching the centre fronts, centre backs and side seams.

  • Press up the seam allowance of the waistband lining and topstitch or 'stitch in the ditch' down to the join with the skirt, leaving a small gap at one side seam.

  • Thread the elastic through the back waistband only and stitch at the side seams to secure (use the Hadley instruction for View A if you need help). Stitch up the gap you left in the waistband inside.

  • Tie the straps and enjoy your new pinafore!

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